Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Team!

Hello there! Welcome to the Team Steele Model Rocketry Website. I hope you enjoy your stay and get to know our awesome team of competitors.
Katie is the middle sister. She enjoys kicking both her sisters' butts (as often as she can.)
Cassi is the youngest sister. She also enjoys kicking her sisters' butts. We believe in family rivalry here.
Matt is The Dad. He's the one who's been doing rocketry the longest, and the whole reason anyone in the family does rocketry. He's won a few awards. ;)
Robyn is the Team Mom, or Range Queen. She doesn't fly, but she keeps everyone fed, watered, shaded, entertained, and most importantly, sane. Her value cannot be underestimated.
Caroline (Carrie)
That's me. I won't be competing at the World Championships, but I have a few National Championships under my belt and I fly a pretty good glider. I have appointed myself Team Publicist.

Here's the whole family (minus older brother Cody and his fabulous wife Rachelle) at NARAM-51 (National Association of Rocketry Annual Meet, AKA National Championships) in 2009. Our club won the Section Championship for the 5th year in a row!

And here's some more photos from NARAM-51.
Katie and Carrie, preparing to fly egglofters

Katie and Carrie, at the Team America Rocketry Challenge (Cassi was part of our team too)

All three girls at TARC.

Matt and his team, Pod Bay Doors, at NARAM-51.

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